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Chapter 1 from Sexual Wisdom: The Greatest Misconception

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More praise for Sexual Wisdom from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim and other community leaders:

"This is a very conscientious, frank work, in a very delicate and much discussed area, made with appropriate care from the ‘scientific’ as well as the ‘critical’ point of view . . ."
- Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Assistance Health Care Workers, Vatican City

"Sexual Wisdom is an eye opening and thought provoking book about a subject that our society thinks it understands but really doesn't. Dr. Wetzel clears away a number of popular (and dangerous) Misconceptions about sexuality and replaces them with guidance that is both profound and practical."
- William Kilpatrick
author of
Why Johnny Can't Tell Right From Wrong

"In Sexual Wisdom, Dr. Wetzel has provided a compelling road map to the treacherous terrain through which America's bewildered stagger."
- Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Toward Tradition

"Ugly realities about sexual anarchy have forced our society to take a fresh look at our sexuality. As members of this society, we (Muslims) must be part of the debate, and Dr. Wetzel's book offers us the incentive, the data, and the backup we need to do just that."
- Minaret

"Congratulations to Dr. Wetzel for having hit a central nail on the head with a very factual and unarguable hammer."
- Peter Kreeft
author of
Back to Virtue

"All Latter-day Saints should read this volume. With permissiveness rampant we finally have a book that makes sense out of an important subject that affects us all. Though not written from a theological base, and wisely so, the ideas herein are consistent with Latter-day Saint theology and practice. Sexual Wisdom-aptly named."
- Douglas E. Brinley
author of
Strengthening Your Marriage and Family

"Writing in a clear, readable style, Dr. Wetzel addresses a complex group of attitudes and misconceptions which has helped produce the sexual aspects of our current cultural crisis. I believe that this book will be of assistance not only to parents but also to all of those who concern themselves with the proper sexual formation of young people today."
- Most Reverend John Myers
Bishop of Peoria.

"Dr. Wetzel has taken up the challenge of providing a guide for all interested parties in this critical field. He combines a knowledge of medicine and psychology with philosophy and theology; the result is a marvelous inter-disciplinary manual."
- Rev. Peter Stravinskas
The Catholic Answer

"This is a terrific book that speaks from the experience of a doctor, husband and father. Dr. Wetzel's use of testimony from his patients is a perfect way to blend the scientific and practical wisdom that he has to offer. He explodes some myths that dominate our thinking-such as that people have a need for genital sex. We need many weapons to fight the out-of-control sexual chaos of our culture. This is a powerful one."
- Janet E. Smith
University of Dallas

"One of the most valuable books I have ever read."
- Mrs. Judie Brown
President of the American Life League

"This is a powerful book by a knowledgeable and gifted writer."
- Glen C. Griffin, MD
author of It
Takes a Parent to Raise a Child: 9 Principles for Families to Love and Live By

"Sexual Wisdom is a veritable handbook of sexual morality which concerned parents can use to guide their children."
- Brad Stetson
author of
The Silent Subject: Reflections on the Unborn in American Culture

"Casual, recreational, experimental, and exploitative sex is profoundly dangerous physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is also the 'hub' social problem of our age, spinning off everything from teen pregnancy to teen suicide and undermining society's basic institution, the family. America stands in dire need of Sexual Wisdom."
- Richard and Linda Eyre
authors of
Teaching Your Children Values, 3 Steps to a Strong Family, and How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

"Most Impressive!"
- Dr. Eugene Diamond
past president of the Catholic Medical Association

Sexual Wisdom belongs in the hands of every pro-life/family activist, clergyman, doctor, nurse, teacher, counselor, young person, parent and grandparent."
- Human Life International

"Dr. Wetzel offers practical wisdom, grounded in scientific fact, on sexual lifestyle choices."
- Linda Nicolosi

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

Sex Education for Advanced Beginners, Inc., PO Box 10762, Newport Beach, California 92658, USA