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Sexual Wisdom by Dr. Richard WetzelA Guide for Parents, Young Adults, Educators, and Physicians

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Chapter 1 from Sexual Wisdom: The Greatest Misconception

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Toward Sexual Wisdom after the Sexual Revolution

Part 1-Sexual Relationships

1. The Greatest Misconception
2. Compromises on Love
3. Victims of the Sexual Revolution

Part 2-Diseases

4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
5. HIV Disease and AIDS

Part 3-Sex and Society

6. Pornography and Dehumanizing Influences

Part 4-Regulation of Fertility

7. Contraception and Sterilization
8. Fertility Awareness
9. Abortion

Part 5-Approaches to Sexuality

10. Sexual Addiction
11. Sexual Orientation or Preference
12. Sexual Codependency
13. Good Sex-The Higher Level

Part 6-Sexual Morality

14. The Moral Revolution
15. Morality: "Old" and "New"

Part 7-Teaching Sexuality to Children

16. Adolescent Sexuality and Sex Education
17. Parenting Issues
Conclusion: Our Basis for Hope: Sexual Wisdom
Appendix A: A Note to Health Professionals
Appendix B: The Swedish Card
Appendix C: Population Bombs

The complete text of Chapter 1: The Greatest Misconception, is available.


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