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Click on "Abortion Video" to take you to the web site for the "Choice Blues" videos.

Abortion is the most controversial issue in the United States. If those in the mass media had integrity, they would present both sides of the issue so that everyone would be truly informed. The media presents itself as open-minded and tolerant, yet when it comes to sexual morality there is no limit to its censorship. For example, consider the three most debated subjects on sexual morality:

1) Abortion: The media totally censors the most fundamental aspect of abortion. I ask audiences if anyone has ever seen a picture of an aborted fetus in any newspaper, magazine, TV show, or movie produced by a major media organization, aside from pro-life messages. Never has one hand been raised. Nothing is more central to the abortion controversy than the fact of what the procedure does to a human fetus or embryo, yet it is never depicted in the mass media.

Conversely, the public is shown every other kind of violence and vulgarity, but somehow is not shown the result of a surgical procedure which is performed, on average, 3 times every minute in this country. We witness a deranged physician fatally injecting a terminally ill man with poison on prime time television (60 Minutes). We see a man burning to death on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. On a routine 6 p.m. newscast we see things like a man successfully electrocute himself on the high wires above his house. Every other kind of surgery can be found at all hours on TVs throughout the land. The media offers a steady stream of anything and everything related to death, violence and medical science, and yet refuses to show an aborted human embryo. Complete blackout. Complete censorship. Complete cover-up.

2) Contraception: I have reviewed close to a hundred medical journal articles and major media newspaper and magazine articles about contraception and have never once read the primary objection to their use. Contraceptives, by their nature, encourage unhealthy attitudes about sexuality. They encourage compromises on responsibility, commitment, respect-in short, on love. As one example, they encourage promiscuity. To everyone I speak, liberal or conservative, these facts are obvious. Yet this viewpoint is never presented in the media. Never.

3) Homosexuality: Again, the primary conservative standpoint is censored completely. Unmentioned is that the homosexual act is, by every argument, biologically unnatural and medically unhealthy. It can, therefore, be reasonably considered disordered. Using online archives going back to 1990 I found about 1000 articles in the Los Angeles Times referring to homosexuality or gays. And not one was critical of the homosexual act beyond its obvious association with HIV disease. Again, complete censorship.
The reader may consider his or her own experiences to verify the above.

Given the wholesale media censorship of abortion we present the following video, which shows various aborted humans, starting with a fetoscopic view of a baby's face as it is being aborted. Other segments show aborted humans at many stages of life. These are the facts that Americans are being denied. Yet they should be the starting point of any discussion on abortion because this is the most basic reality surrounding the issue. Neither women nor men have an informed choice as long as this reality remains a closely guarded secret.

Some people assert that abortion is not a serious problem because only "tissue" is being aborted. Of course, if that were true the media should be pleased to show this insignificant procedure to one and all. There would be no need to conceal "tissue," no reason to think that its public display would offend. The fact is that even from the earliest stages the human embryo is all too human and that is why the major media never show it. Let the viewer decide whether "tissue" is an accurate description of what is being aborted.

For too long a gullible public has been brainwashed by a fanatically biased media. We suggest that all pro-life web sites include this video or at least link to the website from which it has been generously provided (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform). Perhaps through the Internet the hard truth will come out.

If you are already strongly pro-life perhaps you should not view this video. It is shocking. Those who have maintained sensitivity in our somewhat barbaric "modern" world are sure to be disturbed by it.

Click on "Abortion Video" to take you to the web site for the "Choice Blues" videos.

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